Personal Training

25/7 Fitness employs certified, insured, and licensed trainers who run independent programs under our affiliation. Our trainers include those who completed there education independently, as well as graduates from our youth mentorship program. The cost of personal and/or group training sessions will vary according to the trainer's experience as well as the length and intensity of each session. 

Contact your contact your local team member to ask questions and gives comments on the 25/7 Fitness trainers in your area.  


Youth Mentorship

Thanks to generous donation and consistent funding 25/7 Fitness is able to employ at-risk and marginalized youth for three months. During these three months the youth attends government approved educational programs to achieve their personal training certification. In addition to at-home and in-class study, the sponsored youth works with certified 25/7 Fitness trainers to gain hands-on experience with the trade.

To inquire about the youth mentorship program or submit an application complete the online form located under 'Get Involved.'


Community Boot camps

25/7 Fitness' certified, insured, and licensed trainers dedicated time each week to host free boot camps for the community. These boot camps incorporate high levels of cardio with body weight exercises to achieve the maximum results in their one hour length. Trainers supervise to regulate and improve the form of participants, making the program both safe and effective. 

More information on these programs can be found in the 'Boot Camp' tab above, with location and timing found in our schedule.


Donation based gym

Our goal is to provide quality facilities to communities who would benefit from accessible fitness. These facilities will include a washroom, changing area, and a state of the art fitness centre. In addition to equipment secured through funding, equipment has been donated by 25/7 Fitness' various partners. 

Being a 'donation-based gym' means that individuals accessing the facilities pay for the space according to their own personal means. We work on an honour system and support ourselves through the generosity of those who recognize how important physical activity is to improving communities. 

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The idea for 25/7 is born in an entrepreneurial workshop in an Ontario penitentiary

MAY 2016

The first Prison Pump fitness camp is held in Christie Pits Park with more than 30 people in attendance

November 2016

Prison Pump returns to Toronto

March 2017

First Youth Mentorship and Personal Training Apprenticeship begins

May 2017

Rockbody is launched in Sudbury


Near future

25/7 Fitness welcomes its first graduate from the youth mentorship program onto the team.

Official opening of 25/7 Fitness donation-based gym in Mississauga.

25/7 Fitness raises 5,000 in ONE summer.

Official opening of 25/7 Fitness donation-based gym in Sudbury.

25/7 Fitness expands to Barrie.

"anything we put our minds to can be accompliShed no matter where we come from or what we have been through."