21+ Best Exercises For Beginners 2024 (Easy & Effective)

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I am a certified personal trainer, and I take pride in helping people achieve their fitness goals through strength training, cardio, and nutrition. 





So, are you a beginner and wish to embark on your fitness journey?

This article will be your best guide as we explain the top 21 exercises that can easily be followed by beginners.

Although some people do not realize the effectiveness of a home gym, let me tell you with experience that a home workout is incredible.

It avoids contact and problems that people who regularly go to the gym face. If executed correctly, a home workout is the best you can do for your body, and it is beneficial when you lack time and money. 

However, it is essential to do the home workout in the right way, as in most cases, you may not have a trained personnel teaching you how to perform the exercises.

Beginner Routine

You must complete at least two sets of 10-15 reps of every exercise. With this, you will have to take 1 minute of rest between every move.

For a beginner, the circuit should take 15 minutes in total. 

                     Top 21+ Best Exercises For Beginners In 2024

Here are the best exercises for beginners in 2024:

1.  Side-Lying Hip Abduction

Most people do not even think of strengthening their hips until they, in one or the other way, bother them somehow.

Please note that it is imperative to strengthen your hips with an exercise like this, especially if you sit all the time. Contracting with the hip-targeting movements can prove to be very helpful. 

How to perform?

  • Lie down on your left side, with both your legs entirely straight, and put your right foot on the ground. 
  • Now, you will have to lift your right leg and maintain your body’s balance. Your hips must not open up.
  • Return to the first position and repeat it for the other side. 

2. Forearm Plank

This exercise is for your complete body. This will help balance and strengthen your body. 

Forearm Plank - Best Exercises For Beginners

How to perform?

  • On your forearms, make a plank position in such a way that your body forms a straight line from head to feet. 
  • Hold your position for 30 to 60 seconds and make sure that your hips and the lower back do not sag. 

3. Bicycle Crunch

This workout is more targeted at your abs. 

Bicycle Crunch

How to perform?

  • Lie on the ground on your back, and keep your legs in the tabletop position. Put your hands behind your head and bend your elbows. 
  • Crunch up, make your right elbow on your left knee, and straighten out your right leg. 
  • Slightly release the crunch. Straighten your left and bend your right leg, and then make your left elbow touch your right knee. 
  • Repeat this like riding a bicycle. 

4. Bird Dog

This one is scalable for your ability level. This requires your entire body to move and needs stability and balance. 

Bird Dog

How to perform?

  • Sit on all fours, and make sure your knees are directly under your hips, and similarly, your hands are directly under your shoulders. 
  • Set your neck in the middle of the neutral position, and extend your right leg and left arm simultaneously. During this time, keep your hips square on the ground. Stay in that position for at least 120 seconds.
  • Get back to the first initial position and repeat the same with the left leg and right arm.

5. Straight-Leg Donkey Kick

With donkey kicks’ help, you can make your glutes.

Straight-Leg Donkey Kick - Best Exercises For Beginners

How to perform?

  • Sit on all fours, and make sure your knees are directly under your hips, and similarly, your hands are directly under your shoulders. 
  • Push your right foot on the backside while keeping your leg and back straight. 
  • Your foot must be flexed, or your toes must point towards the floor. Make sure that your hip square is to the ground. At the top, squeeze your buttocks. 
  • Return to the first initial position again and repeat the same with the other leg. 

6. Plank to Downward Dog

This move especially helps you with the upper body and specifically the shoulder workout. This is one of the very few workouts on your shoulders that won’t require lifting heavy weights. 

Plank to Downward Dog

How to perform? 

  • Take the high plank position. Make your hands get stacked under your shoulders and your feet near together. 
  • Keep your hands and feet stationary and your core engaged, pike your back in the downward dog pose, and hips up. It must look like a triangle with the body and the floor. Direct your gaze towards your feet. 
  • Hold onto the same position, then get back to the initial one and repeat it. 

7. Stationary Lunge

 This exercise can help you work out your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. 

How to perform?

  • Keep your right foot flat on the ground and your left foot on the toes. 
  • Now you will have to bend your knees and then lunge. Then you will have to stop when your right thigh comes parallel to the ground. 
  • Pressurize your right foot and return to your initial position. 
  • Repeat this and switch legs. 

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8. Knee Pushup

 Before doing an actual pushup, this exercise will give your body and, specifically, your hands some strength. 

Knee Pushup

How to perform?

  • Take the high plank position with your knees on the ground. 
  • From your head to the knees, keep a straight line, and then bend your elbows to the ground. Your elbows must be at a 45-degree angle. 
  • To start, push back up. 

9. Chair Squat

This exercise can help you strengthen your core and legs. Before performing actual squats, it is better to start with chair squats. 

Chair Squat

How to perform?

  • With your toes pointed a little outwards, your feet shoulder wide apart, stand near the chair in front of it. 
  • Bending your knees and hinging at your hips, lower your back, and try to go down until your bottom touches the chair. Your arms must be straight and extended out in front of you. 
  • From the heels, push up and repeat. 

10. Bridge

This one is majorly for your posterior chain or the backside of your body and the core. For a warm-up, this is one of the best exercises. 

How to perform? 

  • Bend your knees and lie on your back. Your feet must be flat on the floor and your arms on each side. 
  • Push with your feet and brace your core. Then try to take your bottom above the ground until your hips are entirely above the floor; you must be squeezing your glutes. 
  • Come back to the initial position slowly, and repeat the same. 

11. Arm Circles

This helps the upper body and especially workout for the shoulders. You must have done this one in your PE classes. 

How to perform? 

  • Stand straight with your arms on both sides, making 90 degrees with your torso. 
  • Then make clockwise circles for around 20 to 30 seconds. 
  • Repeat and then reverse the movement. 

12. Shoulder Bridge

This one is an entire body workout again. It will help you strengthen your muscles, especially your shoulders and legs. 

Bridge - Best Exercises For Beginners

How to perform?

  • With your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees with your face up. 
  • Put your arms on your sides and lift your hips and spine. This way, only your shoulders, arms, feet, and head must be on the floor. 
  • Keep your core tight and lift one leg.
  • Bring your leg back down, and then lift it back up repeatedly. 

13. Tuck Jump

Some beginners may find this one a little tricky. However, this is an excellent workout for your thighs and abs.

How to perform?

  • Stand up with your knees a little bent. Make a jump as high as possible.
  • Extend your arms to your sides and bring your knees as close as possible to the chest. 
  • Land down when your knees must still be a little bent and repeat it. 

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14. Wall Sit

If you practice this one for a long time, you won’t need a chair for a long time. Just a wall would be enough for you. 

How to perform? 

  • Go towards a wall facing the opposite side of the wall you will sit in.
  • Slowly move your body down till your thighs get parallel to the floor. 
  • Strictly keep your back straight and your knees directly above your ankles. 
  • Move forward for 1 minute a set. 

15. Calf Raise

This exercise will help strengthen your legs. It can prove very beneficial in the long term for those who complain of leg hurting after brisk walking. 

How to perform? 

  • Stand straight, and slowly rise using your toes with your heels in the air and only your toes touching the ground. 
  • Hold it for some time. 
  • Repeat the same. 

16. Superman

Yes, it is an exciting name. This will help you work out your entire body. 

How to perform?

  • Lie on your front, with your legs and arms extended. 
  • Raise your legs and arms, at the same time, making a small curve with your body. Keep your torso still as much as you can. 
  • Get back to the lying position and repeat.

17. Burpee Workout

Burpees are workouts for the entire body. They work on every muscle from your nose to your toe. 

How to perform?

  • Stand straight and put both your hands on the back of your head. 
  • Keep a small gap between your legs and lean forward down until you form a perpendicular angle. 
  • Come back to the standing position and repeat. 

18. Mountain Climbers

This one is a low-impact cardio exercise for strength and burning calories. 

Mountain Climbers

How to perform?

  • Lie down on the floor with your arms apart. 
  • Join your legs together and lift them. Bring your knees as close as you can to yourself. 
  • Take them back again and repeat the same. 

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19. Shoulder Bridge Lifts

This exercise is very significant for an upper-body workout. This mainly works on the core muscles and glutes. 

How to perform?

  • Stand straight with your hands on your waist on each side. 
  • Without changing the position of your leg, bend toward the right.
  • Then bring yourself back, do the same on the left side, and repeat. 

20. Sumo Squats

This is an excellent exercise for the entire body. This will specifically enhance the strength of your arms. They help create mobility in the hips. 

How to perform?

  • Sit down on the floor with your hands on the floor facing your legs’ opposite direction.
  • Lift your body until your hips and body come in a straight line, and you are looking at the roof or sky. 
  • Come back to the initial position and repeat. 

21. Drinking Birds

Drinking Birds is a workout that will help you strengthen your arms. It will give you an excellent posture and strengthen your hamstrings. 

How to perform? 

  • Stand straight and keep a chair in front of you. 
  • Put both your palms on the chair facing in the opposite direction as that yours. 
  • Lean back forward, pressurizing on the chair.
  • Come back to the original position and repeat. 

Conclusion: Best Exercises For Beginners 2024

It doesn’t matter what is your fitness level; bodyweight exercises will challenge your workout. Start your beginner’s routine as soon as possible, and in a few months, you will be able to move to a more advanced workout.

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