What Is The Lunk Alarm At Planet Fitness? Do I Hate It?

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Written By Kathy Brewer

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One of the standout features of Planet Fitness is the “Lunk Alarm,” which was introduced to reinforce the gym’s commitment to a non-judgmental atmosphere.

This unique alarm is set to remind members to avoid behaviors that might make others uncomfortable or judged. It’s a friendly way of encouraging a respectful and inclusive environment.

So, if you have hesitated to step into a gym due to discomfort or fear of judgment, Planet Fitness is the perfect place to start your fitness journey.

You’ll find a supportive and friendly community that celebrates progress and encourages each other every step of the way.

Come on, try it, and experience the positive and motivating atmosphere of Planet Fitness for yourself!

What is Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

Planet fitness luke alarm

The Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm is a unique policy that sets this gym apart.

Unlike many traditional gyms where grunting or weight-dropping during workouts may be considered normal, Planet Fitness has a different approach.

Suppose a member makes loud noises or engages in disruptive behavior.

In that case, the staff will activate the Lunk Alarm, a loud siren that alerts everyone in the gym, including the manager.

A “lunk” is someone who draws attention to themselves through noisy or disruptive behavior, such as grunting, dropping weights, or judging others.

Planet Fitness prominently displays the term “lunk” on their walls, reminding members to be mindful of their behavior during their workouts.

The purpose of the Lunk Alarm is to catch the attention of the person causing the disturbance and remind them to adjust their behavior.

It serves as a cautionary measure rather than a punishment. In most cases, if the disruptive behavior stops, the individual can continue their workout.

However, repeated violations of the Lunk Alarm policy can lead to more severe consequences, including expulsion from the gym or cancellation of membership.

Due to this policy, specific exercises commonly allowed in other gyms, like CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting, may not be permitted at Planet Fitness.

What Does the Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness Do?

As a fitness enthusiast and a regular at Planet Fitness, I’ve come to appreciate the purpose behind the Lunk Alarm.

It’s no secret that bodybuilders often push their limits, and that’s commendable.

However, the grunts and vocalizations associated with intense workouts can sometimes create a daunting atmosphere for other gym-goers, especially those not accustomed to such behaviors.

Identifying Lunk Behavior at Planet Fitnessn

Planet Fitness, focusing on inclusivity and comfort, recognized this issue and introduced the Lunk Alarm as a thoughtful solution.

The main goal is to maintain a welcoming environment for everyone, especially those not bodybuilders who still want to work on their fitness goals in peace.

The Lunk Alarm is a gentle reminder to individuals engaging in disruptive behaviors like loud grunting or weight dropping.

It encourages them to be mindful of their conduct and considerate of others sharing the gym space.

While these behaviors may be acceptable in other gyms, Planet Fitness prioritizes creating a non-intimidating atmosphere for newcomers and those beginning their fitness journey.

By implementing the Lunk Alarm, Planet Fitness reaffirms its commitment to providing a judgment-free zone where every member can feel comfortable and motivated to achieve their fitness aspirations without feeling uneasy or distracted by excessive noise.

Its policy reinforces the gym’s mission of making fitness accessible and enjoyable for all, regardless of their fitness level or experience.

Does Planet Fitness Actually Use The Lunk Alarm?

As someone who frequents Planet Fitness, I can confirm that the Lunk Alarm is indeed real and not just a myth.

When you enter the gym, you’ll notice the alarm light positioned above the free weights area, and it does go off when triggered by an employee.

In my experience, the Lunk Alarm is not used frequently, and it’s more of a visual reminder for members to be considerate and respectful of others while working out.

Some employees may use it to draw attention to disruptive behavior, but there’s an element of shame attached to it that can deter its frequent use.

Instead of immediately sounding the alarm, employees often approach the individual exhibiting lunk-like behavior and give them a warning.

This is a gentle reminder to be mindful of noise levels and avoid actions that could disturb others in the gym.

However, if the disruptive behavior persists and creates a negative or intimidating environment for other members, the manager may decide to sound the alarm and take appropriate action.

This could involve asking the person to leave the gym to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for all members.

Identifying Lunk Behavior at Planet Fitness

Interestingly, some bodybuilders have turned the Lunk Alarm into a challenge, testing how far they can go with grunting and weight dropping before being asked to leave.

They sometimes record these encounters for social media platforms like TikTok or YouTube. Check out this compilation of luke alarm at Platnet Fitness:

It’s worth noting that the alarm’s activation can be influenced by various factors, including how noticeable the behavior is and whether other members complain about it.

Some managers may tolerate minor grunting or weight dropping, while others may take more immediate action based on members’ feedback.

The Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness is not triggered automatically; it is manually activated by an employee who observes disruptive behavior.

It’s not based on specific noise levels or decibels, but rather, an employee must press a button to activate the alarm when they witness grunting, weight-dropping, or other lunk-like behaviors.

Although some employees may give a warning before using the alarm, it’s not a guaranteed practice.

Therefore, gym-goers need to know the gym’s rules and guidelines to avoid unexpected incidents with the Lunk Alarm.

By being considerate and respectful of others while working out, we can help maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone at the gym.

Thoughts on the Lunk Alarm: Good, Bad, or Doesn’t Matter?

I’ve heard various opinions about the Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness, and it’s interesting to see how people perceive it.

Some argue that the Lunk Alarm isn’t fair because its application seems inconsistent among gym employees.

What might be considered “lunking” by one staff member may be acceptable to another, leading to confusion and frustration for some gym-goers.

They feel like they’re being judged in a place that’s meant to be judgment-free.

On the other hand, some find the Lunk Alarm amusing and see it as a quirky rule.

They even playfully trigger it for laughs or create challenges to see if they can set it off intentionally, sharing funny stories and memes on social media.

Interestingly, some members appreciate the Lunk Alarm, believing it helps maintain a calm gym atmosphere and prevents excessive noise and disruptive behaviors.

They see it as ensuring everyone can work out comfortably without being disturbed by excessively loud or distracting activities.

As for me, I’m somewhat indifferent to the Lunk Alarm.

While I’m aware of its presence, my main focus at Planet Fitness is to pursue my fitness goals, and the alarm’s state doesn’t significantly impact my workouts.

Here’s how to avoid setting off the Planet Fitness lunk alarm

To avoid triggering the Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness, it’s essential to be mindful of your actions during your workout:

Control Your Noise: Keep noise levels in check by avoiding loud grunts and unnecessary huffing and puffing. Exhale quietly during intense exercises.

1. Handle Weights Gently

Instead of dropping weights, place them down gently to prevent creating loud noises and potential equipment damage.

2. Maintain a Low-Key Workout Style

Stay humble and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Focus on your workout and be respectful of others.

3. Dress Appropriately

Choose comfortable, modest workout attire that aligns with Planet Fitness’s inclusive environment.

4. Embrace the ‘No Judgement’ Policy

Refrain from any behavior that could be perceived as judgmental or intimidating. Show respect and support for fellow gym-goers.

5. Stay Informed

Familiarize yourself with the gym’s rules and policies, and don’t hesitate to ask staff for clarification if needed.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a peaceful and harmonious workout experience at Planet Fitness, free from any disruptions caused by the Lunk Alarm.


In my opinion, the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness serves as a unique feature to maintain a friendly and respectful atmosphere for all gym-goers.

While it may be seen as restrictive to some, I appreciate the gym’s efforts to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable.

As with any policy, the lunk alarm must be used fairly and judiciously.

From my experience, most Planet Fitness locations do an excellent job of ensuring its appropriate usage, making it a non-intrusive aspect of the gym experience.

Ultimately, the key is to focus on our workouts, respect others, and be mindful of our actions to ensure a positive and enjoyable fitness journey for everyone.

With a balanced approach and adherence to the gym’s principles, we can all enjoy working out at Planet Fitness without worrying about the lunk alarm.

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