Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Review: How Does It Work?

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If you’re like me and love getting a beautiful bronze glow but want to avoid the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, Planet Fitness has some excellent tanning options to offer.

In this article, I’ll share my experience and insights about the different types of Planet Fitness tanning beds.

We’ll also explore the rules and regulations you must follow for a safe and enjoyable tanning session.

Additionally, I’ll discuss the benefits and risks of tanning so you can make an informed decision about this beauty and wellness practice.

Finally, I’ll provide valuable tips and advice to help you maximize your tanning experience at Planet Fitness.

Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to achieving that perfect tan in a safe and controlled environment!

How Does Tanning Work At Planet Fitness?

Tanning Bed at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness’s tanning process follows a principle similar to tanning beds commonly found in beauty salons.

When you decide to tan, you enter a designated cubicle and spend a specific duration inside, depending on your current tan level and the tanning bed used.

During the tanning session, special rays of light are directed onto the top layer of your skin, stimulating pigment production.

This results in the skin becoming darker, as if you were naturally sunbathing.

However, the advantage of tanning at Planet Fitness is that it takes much less time than natural sun exposure, making the entire process more convenient and efficient.

So, you can achieve that desired tan with less effort and time, enjoying a beautiful glow without spending hours under the sun.

There are several types of tanning beds available at Planet Fitness

They have a variety of tanning booths available for use with a black-card membership. Each type offers unique features and benefits to cater to different preferences.

Let’s explore the different types of tanning beds:

1. Reclining Tanning Bed (Horizontal Tanning Bed)

The reclining tanning bed allows you to lie down comfortably while getting your tan.

It’s a popular choice for those who want to relax during their tanning session. The gentle rays envelop your skin as you rest, providing a soothing and enjoyable experience.

2. Standing Tanning Booth (Vertical Tanning Booth)

Planet Fitness Tanning Bed

The standing tanning booths are convenient, especially for those who prefer a more compact setup.

You can move freely and even bend your knees while tanning, making it easier to find a comfortable position.

These booths have a higher radiation intensity, allowing you to adjust the session duration according to your preference. They are also considered more hygienic compared to the reclining type.

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3. Spray Tanning Booth

The spray tanning booths offer a healthy and safe alternative to traditional tanning beds.

They provide an instant golden glow without the need for UV exposure. Unlike other tanning methods, the results of spray tanning are immediate and last for about a week.

Spray tanning is harmless and won’t cause any damage to your skin.

However, keep in mind that certain areas of the body, such as fingers, feet, and body curves, may get an uneven tan, leading to streaks or patches in some areas.

The best choice depends on your preferences, comfort level, and desired tanning results.

Some may prefer the relaxation of a reclining tanning bed, while others may opt for the convenience of a standing booth or the quick results of a spray tan.

Ultimately, it’s essential to consider your preferences and needs when selecting the type of tanning bed that suits you best.

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The type of Tanning Bed I prefer

As a fitness trainer, my primary focus is promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for my clients.

When it comes to tanning beds, I prioritize the well-being and safety of my clients. With that in mind, I recommend the spray tanning booth as the most suitable option.

The spray tanning booth offers a safer alternative to traditional tanning beds since it does not expose the skin to harmful UV rays.

It provides an immediate golden glow without the risk of skin damage caused by prolonged UV exposure.

As a fitness trainer, I value the health and appearance of my clients, and the spray tanning booth aligns well with these principles.

Furthermore, spray tans can be an excellent option for special events or occasions when clients want a quick and temporary tanning solution. It allows them to achieve a natural-looking tan without extended tanning sessions.

Tips on How to Tan at Planet Fitness:

1. Check for Contraindications

Before using the tanning bed, ensure you have no medical conditions or skin sensitivities that could be adversely affected by UV exposure.

2. Shower Before Tanning

Take a shower before your tanning session, especially if you’ve just finished a workout, to remove any sweat or dirt from your skin.

3. Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to how your skin feels during tanning and limit your session to the right amount of time. Start with a timer set for six to seven minutes and adjust as needed to avoid overexposure.

4. Remove Unnecessary Items

Take off all jewelry, shoes, and clothing to achieve an even tan and prevent any discomfort during your session.

5. Moisturize After Tanning

After your tanning session, apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from becoming too dry.

6. Wear Protective Glasses

Always use the provided protective glasses to shield your eyes from the UV rays and avoid potential damage.

7. Limit Tanning Frequency (Expert Tip)

How Does Tanning Work

It’s essential not to overuse the tanning bed, even if you desire a quick tan.

Excessive UV exposure can harm your skin and increase the risk of various skin conditions, including melanoma. Allow your skin time to recover between tanning sessions to maintain health and beauty.

How Often Can You Tan at the Tanning Salon?

The frequency of tanning sessions at the solarium depends on various factors, including your skin type and experience with tanning.

For beginners with fair skin, it is recommended to start with short sessions, typically around 6-7 minutes, and gradually increase the time in subsequent visits.

Experienced tanners can stay in the booth for up to half an hour, but it’s crucial to listen to your body and end the session if necessary.

If you choose a standing booth, keep in mind that the radiation intensity is higher than in a lying cabin, so the time should be shorter.

For spray tanning booths, sessions can be more frequent since they don’t affect the skin. You can return for a spray tan whenever you notice your tan fading significantly.

Generally, tanning at the solarium can be done once every 3-4 days or less, depending on your skin’s condition.

You can have more frequent sessions if your skin can handle more UV exposure.

However, it’s best for beginners to start with one treatment a week to acclimate to the process. Always pay attention to how your skin responds and adjust your tanning frequency accordingly.

Are There Any Things I Need To Know Before I Use Planet Fitness’ Tanning Beds?

Before using tanning beds at Planet Fitness, there are some essential things to know:

1. Personal Control

When using the tanning bed, you control how long you stay in the booth.

Start with shorter sessions, especially if you’re new to tanning, and gradually increase the time based on how your skin reacts.

Example: If you are starting, try a 6-minute session and observe how your skin responds. If all is well, you can extend the time on your next visit.

2. Personal Responsibility

Tanning salons at Planet Fitness are typically unstaffed, so cleanliness, dress code, and hygiene are your responsibility. Ensure you maintain a clean environment for yourself and others.

Example: Before and after your tanning session, use the provided disinfectant wipes to clean the surfaces you touched, ensuring a hygienic experience for the following user.

3. Variety of Booths

Planet Fitness offers different types of tanning booths. Choose the one that suits your preferences and needs, whether it’s a horizontal bed, a standing booth, or a spray tanning option.

Example: If you prefer a standing booth for a more intense tan, remember that the time should be shorter due to higher radiation intensity.

4. Membership Details

Keep track of your Planet Fitness membership, including its expiration date. Ensure your membership is active to access the gym and tanning salon facilities accordingly.

Example: If your membership is about to expire, make sure to renew it in time so you can continue using the tanning beds at the gym.

By following these tips and being mindful of the guidelines, you can make the most of your tanning experience at Planet Fitness.

Enjoy a healthy, radiant tan while keeping yourself and others safe.

Tanning Dress Code

When it comes to the tanning dress code at Planet Fitness, comfort is key. Opt for comfortable clothing like a swimsuit or a T-shirt with shorts to ensure an even tan all over your body.

An expert tip to keep in mind is to maintain hygiene during your tanning session.

Before using the tanning bed, make sure to wipe down the surfaces you’ll be in contact with.

Additionally, always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from the tanning lamps. These simple steps will ensure a pleasant and safe tanning experience at the gym.

How Much Is A Tanning Session At Planet Fitness?

To access tanning sessions at Planet Fitness, you’ll need to have a Black Card membership.

With the Black Card, you can enjoy unlimited tanning sessions at any Planet Fitness location for a monthly fee of $23.

The Black Card membership not only includes access to the tanning beds but also offers a range of additional benefits.

You’ll have access to various gym amenities like sports equipment, fitness classes, and personal training sessions, all covered under the same monthly subscription fee.

So, with the Black Card, you can make the most of your Planet Fitness membership by enjoying fitness facilities and tanning services without additional costs.


Tanning beds are an excellent option for achieving a beautiful tan conveniently and without the need to step outside.

What makes it even better is the opportunity to combine my gym workouts with tanning sessions at Planet Fitness. Within just a few sessions of 6-7 minutes, I can already notice a significant bronzing effect on my skin.

Of course, maintaining hygiene, wearing proper eye protection, and choosing suitable swimwear is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable tanning experience.

As a Black Card member, you can fully enjoy Planet Fitness’s services, including access to tanning beds, fitness equipment, classes, and much more, all covered under a single membership.

So, if you’re looking to unwind after your workout and achieve that perfect bronzed glow, the tanning bed at Planet Fitness will be an ideal way to achieve both relaxation and the desired tanned skin.

It’s a fantastic addition to my fitness routine, and I highly recommend trying it!

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