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I am a certified personal trainer, and I take pride in helping people achieve their fitness goals through strength training, cardio, and nutrition. 





Do you want to increase the intensity of your treadmill exercises without putting strain on your joints and legs? Then you should think about getting a cushioned treadmill.

These treadmills provide comfort and play a crucial role in shock absorption, reducing the stress on your joints caused by high-impact workouts.

I know the value of having a convenient and comfortable workout environment and this is why, I’ve put up a thorough list of the best-cushioned treadmills available.

I will talk about the specifications, costs, built, and special features of each treadmill’s shock absorption system. I have days and nights looking into and evaluating every treadmill for you, and today I have the top 5 padded treadmills for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting, this guide will help you find the perfect cushioned treadmill.

I’ll also provide the best tips for maximizing the benefits of using a treadmill and what you should consider before purchasing.

Get ready to experience a more comfortable and effective workout with our best-cushioned treadmills guide.

5 Best Cushioned Treadmills

Running is a high-impact sport that may be very stressful on your joints, especially if you’re jogging on a hard surface.

Train more comfortably and reduce your chance of injury by using a cushioned treadmill to assist in absorbing part of the stress.

The same cannot be said for all cushioned treadmills. Finding the cushioning that works best for you is vital because each type of cushioning has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

A cushioned treadmill can be a terrific method to gradually incorporate fitness into your routine if you are new to running or exercise.

The added assistance can boost your self-esteem and lessen your risk of injury, enabling you to advance naturally.

The five best treadmills with cushioning are:


1. Sole F63

The Sole F63 provides a smooth ride for both walkers and runners. It’s at the top of the list because it’s the only cushioned treadmill you need if you want a range of features at an affordable price.

This machine is built to last, with dimensions of 35 “L x 82 “W x 66 “H and a weight capacity of 325 pounds, making it a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment for your home gym.

Even though it is Sole Fitness’ entry-level treadmill, it has a strong 3.0 hp motor engine that can withstand higher speeds and inclines without overheating, making it ideal for various workouts, including running or walking on flat ground as well as hills (both incline).

Sole F63 - Best Cushioned Treadmill

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  • Ratings: 4.5-stars
  • Dimensions: 82″ x 35″ x 57″ (LxWxH)
  • Power Motor: 3.0 HP
  • Display: LCD Display.
  • Incline angle: 15.
  • Running space: 20 x 60-inch running area
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Maximum Speed: 12mph.
  • Product weight: 254 pounds.
  • Weight Capacity: 325 pounds.
  • Integrated Programs: 6.
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame warranty and three years on other parts.

This treadmill has a maximum speed of 12 mph and up to 15 incline levels, allowing you to push yourself harder than ever before.

The treadmill has six integrated workout programs, so you can get a great workout without paying the subscription fee.

The cushioned platform and smooth belt provide a comfortable experience on the 20-by-60-inch running area that is gentle on the joints.

The Sole Fitness F63’s Bluetooth-enabled speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite songs or podcasts during a workout.

In addition, the pulse grips double as a heart rate monitor—making it convenient to charge your electronic devices during your workout routine.

A staff member who bought this treadmill said, “I was thrilled after investing in it, as it suited my needs.

After researching and reviewing numerous treadmills, I decided to buy a treadmill that would last me for years. And I’m so glad I did because this has been perfect for my needs.


It’s sturdy and well-built, and it does exactly what I wanted. The best part is that it makes no noise—so I can use the fan whenever I want without bothering anyone else.

The Bluetooth-enabled speakers are a great addition, as I can listen to my favorite music or podcasts while working out—making the experience much better.

The treadmill’s performance is good. There are thick cushions that make running on it feel more complicated than it would otherwise be, which may help you burn extra calories.

The controls and display are user-friendly. I will soon adjust the speed of my printer, as it produces too much noise for my taste.

There is only one drawback with this product: the fans. At the top of the unit are the two non-directional fans, but they are not powerful enough to meet intense ventilation needs.


  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Foldable.
  • Soft-cushioning deck.
  • Low cost.
  • High user weight limit.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Smaller LCD screen size.
  • Cooling Fans are not robust.
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2. Sunny Health And Fitness (SF-T4400)

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T4400 is a treadmill to consider if you’re seeking a reasonably priced model with excellent shock absorption. Throughout your workout, the shock-absorption deck assists in minimizing extreme bounce back, allowing you to run or walk more comfortably.

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T4400 has a 49″ L x 15.5″ W deck size and an LCD to show your statistics: time spent running/walking, calories burned, speed rating (mph), distance traveled, etc. The frame has a three-year warranty, while parts and components are covered for six months.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T4400

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  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Dimensions: ‎62” x 25.5” x 50” (LxWxH)
  • Power Motor: 2.2 Hp.
  • Display: LCD Display.
  • Incline angle: ‎4.3.
  • Running space: 49″ L x 15.5″ W
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Maximum Speed: 9mph.
  • Product weight: 103 pounds.
  • Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Integrated Programs: 9.
  • Warranty: 3 years structural and six months for other parts.

The treadmill is also easy to move around and fold up. You can store it in the corner of your room or take it when traveling.

The treadmill features a 2.2 HP continuous-duty motor and provides a maximum speed of 9 mph.

The machine’s maximum capacity is 220 pounds which some users might not like. However, if you fall under the 220 pounds weight limit, this treadmill is for you.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T4400 - Features

After personally testing the Sunny Health and Fitness (SF-T4400) treadmill, I can say that it’s an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their fitness levels. The steel frame and shock absorption system make it sturdy and comfortable.

This treadmill caters to all fitness levels with nine built-in workout programs, adjustable speed and incline, and an informative LCD. However, I will only recommend this treadmill for taller people because of its short running surface area.

I read a criticism in several reviews that the weight limit is only 220 lbs. This is the most crucial factor because most heavy people desire to reduce weight, which may discourage people from purchasing this treadmill.


  • Low cost.
  • Soft-cushioning deck.
  • Clean display and an additional monitor.


  • Small running surface area.
  • Lesser weight capacity.
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3. NordicTrack Commercial 1750

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is one of the best treadmills with a cushioned running surface for maximum comfort and joint safety. This treadmill can accommodate runners of all skill levels and delivers a smooth, steady performance thanks to its strong 3.75 CHP motor.

A 10-inch HD touchscreen display on the Commercial 1750 provides access to various fitness programs, including iFit-based individualized coaching.

NordicTrack Commerical 1750

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  • Ratings: 4.
  • Dimensions: ‎‎80″ x 38″ x 65″ (LxWxH)
  • Power Motor: 3.75 Hp.
  • Display: LED Display.
  • Incline angle: ‎15
  • Running space: ‎60″ x ‎22″
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Maximum Speed: 12mph.
  • Product weight: 346 pounds.
  • Weight Limit: 350 Pounds
  • Integrated Programs: 50.
  • Warranty: ‎2-Year Labor, Lifetime Frame & Motor, 5-Year Parts

This treadmill’s FlexSelect cushioning technology enables you to customize your level of cushioning based on your preferences to get exactly what works best for you!

Some extensions of this machine include an adjustable stride length mechanism and space-saving design features like foldable sides, making it easy to store or transport when not in use (or just looking for extra storage space).

I went to a friend’s and saw the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill with him, and today, I thought why not mention this masterpiece to my audience? This treadmill is an absolute game-changer with its impressive features and advanced technology.

NordicTrack Commerical 1750 - Features

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has a vast running surface that accommodates people of all sizes, and the incline and decline feature gives you a challenging workout.

It has a smooth and quiet motor, which allows you to focus on your workout without any distractions. The console is user-friendly and offers a variety of workout options, including customized workouts and Google Maps routes.

The only downside of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is that it is quite heavy and challenging to move around. The assembly process can also be tricky, so you might need professional assistance.


  • High speed.
  • 15% incline and 3% decline.
  • High user weight capacity.


  • Subscription required.
  • Cushioning is always on.
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4. 3G Cardio Elite Runner

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill is one of the most popular choices among serious runners and fitness enthusiasts.

With its plush cushioning system, powerful motor, and range of performance features, this treadmill is designed to offer an exceptional running experience while providing comfort during both high-impact workouts and long walks on the treadmill.

One standout feature that sets this product apart from others in its class is its Ortho Flex Shock(TM) Suspension System—a patented shock absorption technology that provides unparalleled support for users’ joints as they exercise, using it regularly over time.

3G Cardio Elite Treadmill

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  • Ratings: 4.7
  • Dimensions: 84″ x 35.5″ x 58″ (LxWxH)
  • Power Motor: 4.0 Hp.
  • Display: LCD Display.
  • Incline angle: ‎15.
  • Running space: 62″ x 22″
  • Foldable: No
  • Maximum Speed: 12mph.
  • Product weight: 365 pounds.
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Integrated Programs: 8.
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty for the frame and drive motor, ten years on parts.

The Elite Runner uses a cushioning system, a powerful 4.0 horsepower motor, and 3-inch roller wheels to ensure smooth, silent operation.

The 22 by 60 inches running area provides plenty of space for running and walking, and the incline feature enables users to target particular muscle areas and improve their endurance.

Eight integrated programs and three fitness test programs are among the workout options available on the Elite Runner console.

The speed/incline keys, One Touch controls, and LCD dot matrix track make it simple for users to adjust the machine’s settings. The heart rate monitor lets them keep tabs on their training stats in real time.

This superior shock absorption technology also helps lower the impact force delivered through the belt when jogging uphill or downhill!

When you buy a treadmill, you want it to be ready for immediate use—this feature ensures that’s the case. It also offers superb support for runners who need more cushioning than other treadmills provide (or enjoy variety).

3G Cardio Elite Treadmill Features

After I tested this treadmill in a gym nearby, I have to say that the 3G Cardio Elite Runner is a solid piece of equipment. The first thing that struck me was how sturdy and well-built it felt. This is definitely a treadmill that can handle heavy use and won’t wobble or shake during intense workouts.

The Elite Runner also has a large running surface, which is great for taller individuals or those who want a little extra space to move around. The console is easy to navigate and offers a variety of different workout programs to choose from.

I particularly enjoyed the heart rate control program, which allowed me to set a target heart rate and adjust the speed and incline automatically to keep me in the desired zone.

The only real flaw I noticed with the 3G Cardio Elite Runner was the noise level. While it wasn’t overly loud, it was definitely noticeable and might be a bit distracting for some users.

Additionally, the Elite Runner is a fairly large and heavy machine, so it might not be the best choice for those with limited space or who need to move their equipment frequently.


  • Sturdy Built.
  • High user weight capacity.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Ortho Flex Shock(TM) Suspension System.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Difficulty in moving.
  • The screen is divided into three.
  • High-cost.
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5. Bowflex BXT8J

If you’re on a tight budget or aren’t interested in virtual workouts, the Bowflex BXT8J treadmill is an excellent, responsive option with a compact design.

One of the primary characteristics of the BXT8J is its cushioning system, which provides a balance between springiness and hardness that is easy on the joints even when running or walking uphill.

The belt always seems to move smoothly and has superior traction when walking. A treadmill is an excellent option for interval training since it responds to changes in speed or slope and changes settings quickly and seamlessly.

Bowflex BXT8J

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  • Ratings: 3.7
  • Dimensions: ‎78″ x 37.6″ x 62.8″ (LxWxH)
  • Power Motor: 1.9 Hp.
  • Display: LCD Display.
  • Max incline: ‎15.
  • Running space: 60″ x 20″
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Maximum Speed: 12mph.
  • Product weight: 253.5 pounds.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds.
  • Integrated Programs: 26.
  • Warranty: ‎3 years parts, ten years frame and motor, and one year labor.

With a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour and a 1.9 horsepower motor, this treadmill can accommodate a range of workout intensities from walking up steep hills (topping out at 15% incline), jogging along flat surfaces without breaking stride (up to 10 mph), sprinting like hell downhill slopes all day long—and everything else in between!

The Bowflex BXT8J Treadmill also features an easy-to-use LCD that shows calories burned and step count per minute, so you know exactly where your progress lies toward reaching your goals faster than ever!

Bowflex BXT8J Console

For this treadmill review, I had to video call a user and try to learn everything about the Bowflex BXT8J. The user was kind enough to show me all the features of the treadmill while walking on it and answer all my questions, and I’m excited to share my personal review with my audience.

The sturdiness of this treadmill surprised me. Also, the running surface was ideal for users of all sizes, and the motor runs silently so you can concentrate on your training. The console is simple to use and provides several fitness routines, including heart rate control and customized regimens.

The Bowflex BXT8J does, however, have a few drawbacks. The treadmill may require some time to set up and the building process can be difficult. Those who depend on heart rate data may find it frustrating when the heart rate monitor is wrong at times.


  • Soft cushioning system.
  • The top speed is 12 mph.
  • Better surface area.
  • Loud and shaky after 10 miles per hour.


  • There is no color monitor.
  • Difficult to use the controls.
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Benefits of Cushioned Treadmill:

Cushioned treadmills allow users to walk outside while being capable of modifying pace and incline whenever they want.

Because they help prevent the joints from becoming uncomfortable or worn out while you exercise every day, cushioned treadmills might be beneficial for persons with joint pain or injuries.

Cushioned treadmills provide great shock absorption, therefore they can make using them more comfortable for consumers. For people who are overweight or obese, this is crucial since excess weight can place a lot of strain on the joints.

The following are some advantages of using a treadmill with excellent cushioning:

More comfortable

Treadmills with cushions are made to make exercising comfortable and safe. The cushioning system lessens the impact on joints, enabling you to move more comfortably and with greater efficiency.

This makes it simpler to keep up your pace and concentrate on working out without having to worry about pain or discomfort.

Your muscles won’t wear out with these machines, and the plush cushions will gently push you forward with each step.

Lesser impact on joints.

Some treadmills have a cushioning system that reduces the impact of your steps by up to 50%. This is especially beneficial for people who are prone to joint injuries or arthritis.

The best cushioning system will also absorb shock from your heels and knees, which makes it easier for you to exercise without feeling any pain.

Cushioned treadmills can also assist in enhancing your general level of fitness. Because the incline and pace of the treadmill can be changed, you can intensify your workout to burn more calories and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Better for long runners.

Running is a significant step to building endurance and burning fat, which can help you run farther than ever. Cushioned treadmills are better for running long distances because they’re more comfortable on your joints than hard ones—especially if you plan to go the distance!

A softer surface and cushioning reduce friction between your shoes and the floor. This means you won’t get blisters or other injuries as quickly when you work out on a treadmill with this type of carpeting underneath it.

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What To Look For in a treadmill with a cushion?

Knowing how cushioned treadmills stack up against other models is essential if you plan to purchase one.

To help you choose the appropriate type for your residence or business, I’ll describe how each type operates and what characteristics set them apart.


When shopping for a treadmill, it is essential to consider the price. You want an affordable product that compares well with other brands.

If you’re hoping to get your money’s worth from a new machine, then it pays to spend at most $1000 for one.

Otherwise, if you want fewer features but better build quality, surface area, and weight capacity, you can get one for around $400-$600.

Shock-absorption and cushioning

Every time you buy a treadmill, I advise you to carefully study the product specifications. Note any details about the surface, such as its cushioning or shock absorption capabilities.

I want you to keep in mind that companies frequently emphasize the advantages of their goods, so make an effort to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages and see if there is any shock absorption technology.

On our website, you can browse a variety of models of treadmills with shock absorbers. We always try to bring a treadmill that’s affordable and up to your expectations.


When looking to purchase a treadmill, it’s essential to consider the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Industry standards dictate that a treadmill needs to have a 12-15 year warranty or even a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame.

However, budget options may offer a limited warranty. Before making a purchase, review the warranty stipulations for your new treadmill, as this will give you a clear understanding of what is covered and for how long.

A more extended warranty typically indicates a higher level of quality and durability in the product, and it’s a sign that the manufacturer stands behind its performance.

In addition to the warranty, researching the manufacturer’s reputation can help ensure that you invest in a treadmill that will provide you with years of reliable use.


Before you buy a treadmill, consider where and for what purpose you’ll use it. I would suggest you measure the space in which the machine will be used to make sure that it’s large enough.

If you’re living in an apartment or a space without a designated home gym, then it may be best for your good to choose a foldable treadmill for easy storage.

Don’t let a small space stand in the way of your fitness goals. Read other articles on EasyToFitness to learn about different treadmill models and research which one is right for you!

Deck length

When choosing a treadmill, it’s necessary to consider your height and the type of workout you plan to do. A 20 x 60 inches deck is large enough for taller people to comfortably stretch and stride during their workouts.

If you’re shorter or plan to use the treadmill for walking or jogging, then deck size may not be as important.

You should choose a deck size that is comfortable and safe, so the workout will be enjoyable.


If you’re buying a treadmill that comes with an incline option, make sure it can handle elevation changes.

A wider range of incline options lets you push your workout to the max. A smaller range of inclines is good for those who want only a gentle, moderate challenge.

However, if you’re training for a race that involves going up or down steep hills—such as in the Olympics marathon course—it’s recommended that you train on a treadmill with an incline feature of 10 percent or more.




What treadmill has the best cushion?

The Sole F63 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a treadmill with exceptional cushioning. This model was the most comfortable one we tested. The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck provides exceptional shock absorption, lessening the strain on your joints and making working out more comfortable. It is the perfect option for runners or walkers who want to reduce their risk of injury or joint pain because of this characteristic.

Is cushioning important on the treadmill?

Absolutely; cushioning is an essential factor when choosing a treadmill. Running or walking on a hard surface can strain your joints, leading to discomfort or injury over time. That’s where cushioning comes in – it helps to absorb impact and reduce the strain on your body, making your workout more comfortable and safer.

What treadmill is best on knees?

I recommend the Sole F85 for knees or joints. This treadmill has a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, which provides excellent shock absorption and reduces the impact on your joints—perfect for those who tend to run or walk with long strides. It will give you a really comfortable feel and make you want to do the workouts frequently!

What treadmills do they use at Orangetheory?

If you’re curious about the treadmills used at Orangetheory Fitness, you’ll be interested to know that they primarily use FreeMotion treadmills. Specifically, the FreeMotion Reflex T11.3 model is favored for its simplified interface designed for easy use during workouts.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Cushioned Treadmill?

After reviewing various cushioned treadmills in the market, the Sole F63 will be my top choice.

It offers unmatched comfort and support owing to its superior cushioning technology—a feature appreciated by runners as well as exercise enthusiasts.

It not only has a great cushioning system, but amazing features that make it stand out on top. It is one of the most commonly used treadmills in homes, gyms, and office use.

To keep you motivated and challenged, the F63 also has many features including a strong motor, an easy-to-use interface, and several workout routines.

With the Sole F63, you will get long-term dependability and durability in addition to a comfortable and joyful workout experience. So, if you really want something that will give you comfort and have less impact on your joints, Sole F63 is the right choice for your comfort.

Hence, the Sole F63 is unquestionably something to think about if you’re seeking the best cushioned treadmill.

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