Why Does My Treadmill Keep Stopping? How To Fix?

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If you have invested your money in a treadmill for your comfort and doing your workouts inside your home, it can be frustrating if the treadmill stops suddenly or keeps stopping whenever you try to step on it.

It has happened to me before; I was like, what to do next? But after properly researching the issues and talking to different manufacturers, I found the causes and was able to fix them easily.

There could be several reasons why a treadmill keeps stopping, including issues with the motor, error codes on display, alignment sensor, loose or worn belts, or power supply issues. However, one common cause of the problem could be a misaligned sensor caused by the treadmill being jumped on or mishandled.

By understanding the potential causes of this problem and taking the necessary steps to address it, you can ensure that your treadmill is working properly and safely.

Why does my treadmill keep stopping?

If your treadmill keeps stopping and you don’t know the reasons, it can be so annoying that you would want to throw away your treadmill.

But no!

Don’t do that as there are ways of knowing the causes and solutions for such an issue with your treadmill. As explained above, the most common issues are misaligned sensors, overheating motors, error codes on display, loose or worn belts, or power supply issues.

There might be a case where your treadmill stops suddenly, which can be frustrating. I know how it feels if you have invested a lot in something and it’s still not working as you want it to. So, to fix a problem, you will always want to know what’s causing the problem, right?

Here are the details of all possible causes of why the treadmill keeps stopping:

1. Misaligned Sensor

A treadmill may indeed stop due to a misaligned sensor. The function of your treadmill sensor is to detect the motion of the belt and transmit this information to the control panel. If the sensor is damaged or out of alignment, the treadmill could stop working instantly.

2. Overheating Motor

Your treadmill keeps stopping due to an overheating engine, however, you might not realize this. When the motor gets too hot, it can activate a safety device that turns it off.

Only a small percentage of treadmills have this safety feature, which I actually really like because it prevents damage to your treadmill and is great for your safety. This could happen if the treadmill is used for an extended amount of time without sufficient cooling.

3. Error codes on display

A treadmill may stop working if it shows an error code because one of its systems, such as the motor or speed controls, may be damaged. To stop further damage or injury to the user, the treadmill’s safety mechanisms may immediately shut it off.

Treadmill Error codes - Why Does My Treadmill Keep Stopping

The problem must be fixed to get the error code and the treadmill again working properly.

4. Loose or Worn Belt

A treadmill can stop or slip due to a loose or worn belt. The treadmill may stop abruptly or may keep stopping if the belt is excessively loose. The treadmill may slide or lose traction if the belt is worn out.

treadmill Worn Out Belt

You should take immediate action to address this since it is actually dangerous for you!

5. Power Supply Issues

If your treadmill keeps stopping even after you’ve checked all of the above causes then the power supply problems can also cause the problem.

The treadmill may lose power or turn off if the power source is erratic or insufficient. Wiring issues, circuit breakers that have tripped, and power outages are all potential causes of this.

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Treadmill stops after 20 minutes.

Most of the treadmills have a safety feature that is set to automatically shut off after 20 minutes of use. This might be the reason your treadmill stops working after 20 minutes, or maybe an inadequate cooling system is making your treadmill overheat.

Since there won’t be any problems unless your treadmill develops a problem from overheating. You must wait at least 10 to 15 minutes for the treadmill to cool down before you can resume it.

You can also turn off the safety feature that causes your treadmill to shut off after 20 minutes. However, since your treadmill will provide you with a safer workout if it includes this feature, I won’t urge you to do it.

Treadmill stops suddenly

There may be several causes for your treadmill to stop suddenly. The belt, platform, motor, or speed controls may be the most common issues.

Your treadmill may also be experiencing problems if the belt is torn, worn, or not straight, which can cause it to slow down or stop suddenly. In this situation, the belt must be changed and most likely lubricated as well.

The running belt may become hot and fail if there is too much friction on it. Lubrication of treadmills is necessary to reduce friction between the platform and the belt.

This problem can be resolved by lubricating the regions where the belt and platform touch with an approved lubricant. You can readily find these oils at nearby treadmill repair shops.

Treadmill stops when I step on it.

I know how bad it feels if you have a workout time, and as soon as you step on your treadmill, it stops. I know how frustrating it can be, and it literally might piss you so much that you would want to kick your treadmill.

A “sticking” belt is a common cause of a treadmill stopping. This happens when there is insufficient friction and tension between the front and back rollers. To fix this, gradually adjust the belt tension by tightening both sides’ bolts equally, being careful not to over-tighten to prevent premature stretching of the belt.

Sometimes you might be careless with lubricating the underneath of your treadmill, but it is important. The surface you run on must be lubricated with the fluid recommended by the treadmill’s manufacturer.

This lubrication helps reduce friction between the belt and the deck, allowing for a smooth and consistent motion.


What to do when the treadmill stops?

You can fix your treadmill to make it unstoppable if you know the reasons why it keeps shutting off. Your treadmill likely cost you a significant amount of money, so if there were any problems, you wouldn’t want to buy another one when you could fix this one.

For this reason, I’ll outline for you what to do if the treadmill stops in detail:

1. Check the power supply

Check for wear and tear or damage to the power cable on the power source first. The treadmill’s power wire needs to be securely plugged in and the socket must have power.

Always check the cord’s condition before utilizing an extension cord with a treadmill. If the outlet is not working, try plugging the treadmill into another outlet or resetting the circuit breaker.

2. Inspect the belt

The belt on your treadmill might need to be replaced if it is worn. If the adjustment bolts at the back are slack, you can quickly tighten them by using a wrench to turn the bolts clockwise in little increments.

After that, lift the belt to verify the tension and test the treadmill after plugging it in. After tightening the belt, lubricate it, and, if necessary, seek professional assistance.

3. Fixing the sensor

The purpose of a sensor in a treadmill is that of sensing belt motion and communicate signals to the control board to maintain belt motion.

Treadmill Fixing the sensor

You can fix this issue by first finding the sensor connection, which is usually located on the motor cover, and tracing the black and white wires to the circuit board below. You can do this in an unplugged mode to lessen the chance of receiving an electrical shock.

4. Non-working motor

The motor can frequently overheat and cause the treadmill to stop suddenly. Clean the motor and the area around it to remove any dust or debris that may be impeding the airflow. You can circulate the air and cool it down with a fan to avoid the engine overheating.

5. Fixing error codes

Refer to the user manual to fix error codes on a treadmill. Restarting the treadmill may resolve some issues; if not, check connections and replace parts—if necessary—before contacting customer support.

6. Call a professional technician

Sometimes, you might not be able to fix the issues on your own, and in such cases, you would need a professional technician to fix the issues. We recommend you consult a technician if you don’t know how the treadmill system works.

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Why does my treadmill belt keep stopping?

A: The misalignment of the belt rollers, a lack of lubrication, worn or frayed belts, and insufficient belt tension or alignment are some of the issues that might cause a treadmill belt to halt. In certain cases, a loose power cable might also be at fault. One can tighten the bolts holding the roller in place, lube the belt, change worn-out or frayed belts, realign the belt, or inspect the power cable to resolve the problem.

How do I know if my treadmill needs lubricant?

If your treadmill belt feels slippery or causes squeaking or loud noises, you will know that your treadmill needs lubrication now. There might be situations where you feel like your treadmill could be more balanced and easier to start. In such cases, you would need to lubricate your treadmill every 3-5 months to prevent any damage to your treadmill and for a smooth workout. You can find treadmill lubrication oil anywhere in a fitness store or online.

Why does my treadmill slow down and stop?

It's possible that belt slippage at the walking or the drive belt is the cause of a treadmill that slows down and stops. If the walking belt slides, the belt will stall, but the tape on the right side will continue to spin. If the drive belt slips, the front roller will stop rolling, but the flywheel continues to spin. An electrical problem frequently brought on by excessive belt and deck wear and failure to lubricate and maintain the walking belt is another potential reason why a treadmill slows down and stops.

How do I stop my treadmill from turning off?

A treadmill may shut off because it isn't receiving the proper voltage or amperage. As the treadmill might need a separate circuit, one approach is ensuring it's the only thing plugged into the circuit. Verifying the treadmill's amperage is crucial because it can need more than the typical 15 amps most household circuits need. It's also advised to avoid running other devices off the same circuit and to use an extension cord with a high amperage.


I know you must be annoyed with the issue of your treadmill stopping when you don’t know what actually is causing it.

It’s important to understand the most common causes of why treadmills keep stopping, including sensor misalignment, overheating motors, loose or worn belts, power supply problems, and error codes displayed on the treadmill’s display.

While it may be attractive to try to fix the problem yourself, I recommend you get qualified professional assistance.

However, if you still want to fix the issue independently, you can take the above guidelines and address the issue with the appropriate measures.

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